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Serpong Lagoon is the latest exclusive residence present in Serpong, South Tangerang. Built on an area of ​​30 ha, this modern residential area carries the concept of a natural green environment developed in a modern way.

Naturally, Serpong Lagoon has three lakes that blend naturally with existing clusters. The existence of this lake provides ecological benefits are very profitable for this dwelling, which helps reduce the temperature of the air during the day, so add to the comfort of the residential environment.

Serpong Lagoon offers a complete residential area with the availability of various residential facilities such as Green Grass Boulevard, Jogging Track, Blue Lagoon Sports & Family Club, Tennis Court, 3 on 3 Basket, and Sky Blush Community Center. Location Serpong Lagoon also integrates with Lubana Fishing & Outbond Park as a vehicle for family recreation as well as close to Hikari Elementary School educational facilities that increasingly add to the completeness of this residential facility.

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