Repeating the success of the previous project, Centra Bizpark 1, BSA Land again presents an integrated business area for business people in Balikpapan. Located in a premium location, in a prestigious business center with only one minute access from Sepinggan Airport, Centra Bizpark 2 is sure to be the best business district in Balikpapan.

Developed on an area of ​​6 hectares, the area that offers excellent products such as Multifunction Shop & Shop is a good investment and has a very high rental value. Close to the airport and toll roads, Centra Bizpark 2 will be an effective and efficient business area as it facilitates distribution, storage and loading and unloading activities. The presence of airport operational support facilities and utility services that run 24 hours, provide added value for this region.

Centra Bizpark 2 is becoming more special because it is located on the edge of the highway, neatly arranged, comfortable, clean, and equipped with adequate parking space. The use of one-gate system, 24-hour security, and the availability of CCTV increasingly provide a sense of comfort for business people who prioritize maximum security.

The soon to be marketed Centra Bizpark 2 is a great choice for entrepreneurs working in various business lines, such as freight forwarders, inventory, logistics, and also for other business people who can see the great benefits of this golden region. Centra Bizpark 2, perfect choice for any business.

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