The River's Environs Will Be Immediate

mei 25 2018

The River's Environs Will Be Immediate

The River area is located in Parung Panjang, is a BSA LAND offering that has been launched in 2016. In the meantime, the development of the river is almost completed, and it is about 50% already handed over to the owners. According to the data on the ground, alreadymulaibanyak also who had begun to play the home.

As appreciation of the developers to the River, all of The River's facilities have been completed, as well as the conservation of HOME LIVING GREEN SHINE, all of the outdoor and environmentally friendly amenities, which will surely increase the spirit of doing activities.

The immediate possessions of dreams with ease-of-pocket and the various facilities available at THE RIVER.

Facilities brought by THE RIVER for a better living, with the freshness, health and confidence that comes with every day.
All peoples are using theft oftheparticipation programsonline.

Enjoy the following facilities
- Giant Chess
- Fitness Outdor
- BBQ Garden
- Mini Outbond
- Kids Wall Climbing
- Amphitheater
- Playground
- Mini Futsal
- Sitting Area
- Basketball 3on3
- Jogging Track