Produk Knowledge New Cluster Sunderland @Sentraland BTP

oktober 23 2018

Royal pusatand @BTP has carried out product knowledge dated October 16, 2018, located at the Claro-Makassar Hotel. This product knowledge is aimed at introducing a new product from the Royal Pusat, namely the Sunderland cluster. Product knowledge is delivered by directors from BSA LAND as developers and also attended by PERUM PERUMNAS partners.

Sunderland, the Cluster adjacent to the Nottingham cluster offers competitive prices, with 3 types of houses including types 25/60, type 27/60, and type 39/72. Facilities in the form of Royal Water Themepark and Victoria park further complement the activities of the residents later. There is also mortgage cooperation with several leading banks. Royal Pusatand will continue to appreciate itself as a professional developer in Makassar.