Madagascar Themepark officially opened

july 16 2018

On 15 July 2018, the facility is a water rides at Sentraland Paradise-Parung Panjang, Madagascar Themepark was officially opened. The opening ceremony was held at the Madagascar Themepark site, attended by directors of BSA LAND and Perumnas, as well as from local community leaders. The inauguration was done by cutting the tumpeng, and cutting the ribbon together as well as the release of the balloon and do not forget to also make compensation to orphans. With the inauguration of this facility, all residents and local residents have been able to enjoy this rides with family.

Facilities at the location of Parung Panjang is the first water rides facility with a theme of play, which in addition to swimming, can also feel his cheerful play in the middle of the water. Located in the middle of residential Sentraland Paradise, become a complement activity of residents and residents. Enjoy a very exciting skating game, there is Baobab Tower, where visitors can skate from a height of 12 meters, and there is also a Kiddy Pool that is intended for toddlers. Not to forget there is also a food court area, so it is not difficult to get food and drinks. The Madagascar Themepark facility also prepares ample parking space.
Get promotional information Madagascar Themepark every day, for ticket information please call 021-5428 2888 or 0812 908 111 33